About me

In late 2012 started stand up paddling as a hobby and, soon, as a competitive sport. Despite my age (58) I'm among the top female SUP racers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, winning several race series in 2014: Killerfish Trophy, Alps Trophy, SUP Tour Switzerland and Hot Freeze Winter Cup. In addition, I've won or placed in races in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. In October 2015 I advanced to number 27 in the supracer.com world rankings.

Team rider JP Australia 2016


September            Surfin Venice, Venice, ITA Technical race2 km ,  —  12th place



NP German SUP Trophy --  5th in overall ranking consisting of:

4 April                  SUP Steinlechner Cup, Utting am Ammersee, 10.4 km 4th place

5-7 July                Boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See, Düsseldorf, 9 km 1st place

10-11 August       Terrassenhof-Cup, Tegernsee, 11 km 3rd place

05 October           Chiemsee Island-Marathon, 11.5 km 3rd place


Other races:

June                      Lost Mills, Brombachsee, 17 km 9th place

July                        Augsburg SUP Challenge, sprint 1st place

July                        Naish SUP Racing Tour  Davos, CH / Long distance, 12 km 2nd place

September            11-City Tour, Friesland, Netherlands, 220 km 2nd place mixed-team (Surfstadl)

September            Battle of the Paddle, Dana Point, California --  Participant



17 March             HIWSA Amsterdam, NL, 7.7 km 3rd place


Overall winner Killerfish Trophy, consisting of:

10 May                 SUP Steinlechner Cup, Utting, Ammersee, 10 km 1st place

18 May                 North Rhine champinoships Herne, 9 km 1st place

28-29 June          Nalani Müggle Lake, Berlin8.6 km          1st place

5-6. July             Boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See, Düsseldorf, 11 km 1st place

23-24 August     Kemnade / Ruhr Bochum, 8 km 1st place

2-3 August         Terrassenhof-Cup, Tegernsee (German championship)

                               long distance, 12 km 1st place / sprint 2nd place

21 September      Nordbad Contest Tutzing, Starnberg sprint 2nd place

27 September      Chiemsee Island-Marathon, 11.7 km 1st place


Overall winner Swiss SUP Tour, consisting of:

25 May                Lake Constance12.8 km 1st place

22 May                Lago Maggore, 16.6 km 1st place

29 June               Aegerisee Lausanne 2nd place long distance 10 km / technical race 2nd place

19 July                Schwarzsee 1st place

31 August            Engadin Paddling" am Silser SeeSt. Moritz, 13 km, 2nd place

6 -7 September   AEK Thun, 12,5 km 1st place


Overall winner ALPS Trophy, consisting of:

24 May                Kalterer See, Kaltern, ITA 1st place

6 – 8 June           Wolfgang See, AUT 2nd place / team sprint— 1st place

31. August           Engadin Paddling on Silser See/ St. Moritz CH 2nd place

27  September     Chiemsee Insel Marathon 1st place


Other races:

19 June               Lost Mills, Brombachsee, 18 km 7th place

26 – 27 June       Naish SUP Racing Tour / long distance, Davos, CH, 12 km 1st place

18 September     Bavarian Championship long distance, 10 km 1st place / sprint 2nd place    



Overall winner Hot Freeze Winter Cup, consisting of:

17 November 2014        Herdecke, 7.8 km 1st place

15 December 2014        Mainz, 9 km 1st place

13 January                     Venlo, NL, 8 km 1st place

11 February                    Cologne, 7 km 1st place



24 January     GlaGla Race, Lac d' Annecy, FR — long distance 12 km, 1st place, 1st place / technical race, 4 km 1st place

10 March               Bat Race, Lac Souterrain, CH, sprint — 7th place


Overall winner ALPS Trophy, consisting of

2-3 May              Lake Kalten, Kaltern, ITA, overall 3rd place

                           SUP Cross 3rd place / long dist 11 km 2nd place

23-24 May          Lake Crossing Wolfgang Lake, long dist, 10 km — 1st place

26 July               Terrasenhof Cup, Lake Tegern long dist, 8.3 km — 1st place

23 August           St Moritz, CH — 1st place, long dist,11.5 km — 1st place


Other races:

1 May                 Spring Lagoon Trophy, Grado, ITA, 10 km — 1st place

9 May                 Steinlechner SUP CUP, 10.4 km  1st place

30 May               NRW State Championships, 9 km  1st place




4-6 June             Lost Mills Six Star International Race Brombachsee, 16.6 km  4th place

27 June              Happy Summer SUP Namur, BEL, 12 km  1st place


20 – 21 June     Aloha Festival, Düsseldorf  sprint 1st place / long distance, 6 km 1st place

4 July                Rookie Race, Eliteklasse, Starnberger See, sprint 1st place

11 July               Augsburg SUP Challenge, sprint 1st place


Other races:

18 – 19 July      German Championships, Berlin sprint 3rd place/long dist, 8.3 km 2nd place

6 August           Hanse Sail Rostock, 5 km 1st place

7 August            German Technical Race Championships, Fehmarn 2. Platz

6 Sept                Hamburger City Championships, long dist. 5 km 1st place / sprint 4th place

7 Sept                 Killerfish Challenge Finale Pelzerhaken, sprint 6th place

31 Oktober         Halloween Race, Hanau 4.3 km 1st place

14 November     Winterregatta, Wanderpaddler Berlin 4 km 1st place

6 Dezember      SUP Nautic Crossing, Paris, France long distance, 13.8 km 5th place


Hot Freeze Winter Cup 2015/16

22 November     Herdecke, 7.4 km, 6°C 3rd place

12 December     Mainz, 7.4 km, 2°C 2nd place

10 January         Venlo, Netherlands, 8 km 6°C — 2nd place



Hot Freeze Winter Cup2016/2017

November Herne, 12°C —1st place/ long dist, 8 km

December Mainz, 5°C—1st place/ long dist, 8 km

January , 6°C—1st place/ long dist, 8 km

February Köln, 2°C—1st place/ long dist, 8 km


May Alps Trophy  Kalterer See, Kaltern, ITA- 3rd place

September Zell am See, Österreich- 4th place


June SUP Tour Schweiz Bodensee Cup 1st place, 12 km

July Davoser See CUP, CH, 1st place, 6.6 km

August, Deutsche Meisterschaft, Framkfurt  5th place, 8 km



October 2015    Top 50 Women World Rankings supracer.com : Rank 27